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    Spiritual Hypnotherapy

A good hypnotist is a trained and skilled professional, who abides by a code of ethics.


Hypnosis itself, is merely a state of consciousness that a person experiences. The hypnotist uses techniques such as guided imagery, to relax the physical body and the conscious, "thinking" mind".


The more relaxed and inwardly focused a person is, the easier it is to connect with the subconscious mind, where habits, beliefs and cellular memory is stored, as well as the Wise-Mind, where we understand things from a higher perspective.  


A Spiritual Hypnotist has the skills and training of a hypnotist, but also addresses the spiritual aspect of the client for healing emotional or physical issues. 


Where traditional hypnosis focuses mostly on reinforcing positive change, Spiritual Hypnosis delves deeper, exploring the Mind/Body/Soul connection as a whole.


Hypnosis for Pain

Spiritual Hypnotherapy can help you uncover and heal many issues, whether they're appearing as emotional, physical or spiritual.

Many times a physical issue is a by-product of an emotional and/or spiritual issue from present beliefs or a previous life experience.


Studies show that clinical hypnosis can help ease chronic pain, acute pain, burn pain and even pain caused by tumors and migraines.

It can also help you recover faster from surgery, deal with side effects from chemo and mend broken bones more quickly.


Spiritual Hypnosis can help you understand the trauma resulting from pain or injury from past lives and how it can be stored at a soul level through many lifetimes. Some issues can be a result of karmic lessons we have chosen, or even beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that have manifested as physical pain or disease.


Spiritual Development

Embarking on your spiritual journey can be one of the most exciting and important decisions you make in life.


Spiritual Hypnotherapy can help you develop your intuition, connect with your higher-self and spirit guides, and gain clarity in every aspect of your life.

In a higher state of consciousness, you're able to access and channel the wisdom available to us all - that of the Universal Life Force and the Akashic Field. 


You may experience memories from early childhood, past lives, life between lives, as well as forgotten or suppressed events..


These memories hold valuable information that may be blocking you from fully embracing your spirit-self.


Sometimes there is fear surrounding our truth, such as being punished in the past for displaying our knowledge of clairvoyance or psychic abilities, being a medicine man/woman of great power who was resented or envied, even being a midwife or herbalist who was branded a "witch" - or worse.

Recognizing and accepting our life lessons can allow us to fully embrace our gifts and step into our purpose with joy and confidence.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy Sessions

Every individual and session is unique depending on their issues and situation. 


Imagine each session like a bridge that can connect you to a wide variety of information each time you cross.

The more you travel across that bridge, the more you learn and grow.

You may feel great after a few sessions, or you may want to expand your journey over several sessions, gaining more wisdom and knowledge as you go along.


Our goal is to help you open and explore your spiritual-self comfortably, and then we encourage you to spread your wings and fly!