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About Barb Angelo Hypnotherapy
Barb Angelo is a Board Certified Hypnotist, and a Hypnosis Instructor with both the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the International Hypnosis Federation.
She is the region's leading Past Life Regression Therapist, and has trained with leader's in the spiritual field of healing and hypnosis, including past life expert,
Dr. Brian Weiss.
Barbara has over a decade of experience and has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life improve their lives spiritually, physically and emotionally.
She uses her years of training and experience as well as her natural intuitive abilities to guide and serve each individual session and client.
Barb Angelo Hypnotherapy School trains others in hypnosis, past life regression and intuitive development.
It is an approved school with the
International Hypnosis Federation as well as the NGH. 
A Word From Barb

Talk therapy is all well and good.


I know, because I was in therapy for a few years. 

I had a lot of questions that I wanted answered.

Why did I behave they why I did?

Was it possible to change and create the life that I really wanted?

And what was that, exactly?


Therapy only got me so far.


I felt like I was constantly rehashing the same old things- my mother, my childhood, my hurts.

 I was tired of just "venting", while my therapist patiently listened.


I was sick of hearing myself complain.


I wanted real change, like the kind I read about in those self-help books.

And, boy, did I buy a lot of those.

I tried positive thinking, goal setting and organization skills.


But nothing seemed to stick.

I only felt worse when I "failed" to stay positive, my apartment was still disorganized and I felt uninspired at my job.

It wasn't until 2007, when I started studying hypnosis, that I began to get it.

I understood that to create change I needed to first realize how I wanted to feel.


And then I needed to think, say and practice those feelings.

By using self-hypnosis, I became more positive, more focused, and more forgiving of myself. 

Then I delved deeper into other feelings. The ones that made me uncomfortable at first.

Where did they come from?


And why were they there?


In the 1990's I read Dr. Brian Weiss's book, "Many Masters, Many Lives"

based on his experience with past life regression and it changed my thinking about souls and reincarnation.

I was fascinated by the use of hypnosis on his patient and how he was able to help her acknowledge, release and then heal the memories that were behind her present feelings.

While in hypnosis, Catherine was also able to channel information to Dr. Weiss about his personal life, family and past lives as well.

These messages came from "The Masters."


Even though at the time this information seemed other-worldly, and spiritually over my head,

I knew that past life regression and these Masters, whoever they were, filled in a huge piece of the puzzle I was looking to solve.


On my own, with cd's and determination,I tried experiencing a past life memory.

It wasn't until I was studying hypnosis and practicing self-hypnosis at home, that I had what is called a "spontaneous regression".


Experiencing some of my past lives bought clarity to my present relationships.

The closeness I immediately felt towards my younger brother, and  the patience, kindness and revolutionary war backdrop of a life with my father. 


I discovered that once I uncovered those memories and the emotions that went with them, I could release what was needed and learn from them.


The more I discovered about myself, the better I felt. And the better I felt, the more I wanted to learn.

I met and trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and Dick Sutphen, both N. Y Times best-selling authors and pioneers of past life regression therapy. 

I became certified in Soul Coaching, Life Between Lives and Advanced Past Life regression as well as Somatic Healing.

All along, I wished for more insight, so I could help others and myself to understand spiritual mysteries I had read and heard about for so long.


Then, one warm summer night in 2010, I had a spiritual awakening of momentous proportions.


After that, everything changed.

I became highly intuitive, and connected to the Divine Force.

Or whatever you want to call it.

God. Universe. Spirit.

To me, it's everything that is good and loving. 

It's what propels us to search for meaning in our lives.


When I connect with you during your session, I allow that force to work through me.

It guides us both, bringing healing, insight and a sense of peace and calm. 

I may see energy as it flows around you, faces that are superimposed on your own face, and

even the guides who are presently working with you.


This skill has come in handy during hypnotherapy and past life regressions.

Which is why my hypnotherapy sessions are so unique.


It's why I say be open minded and you'll receive just what you need at that time. 


Over the years, I've continued to study and train with some of the best spiritual teachers and hypnotists in the country, using techniques that I've learned from them, and others that I've developed on my own.


More importantly, I've witnessed the power of transformation.


Which is why I feel so passionate about the work that I do.


Because it's my purpose, my reason for being here at this time.

To help others, just like you.

I believe in natural abilities.
I also believe in training, experience and dedication
Barb angelo Credentials



National Guild of Hypnotists

Member, Certified Instructor


International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Member, Board Certified Hypnotist


International Hypnosis Federation -

Member, Approved School, Certified Instructor


ICBCH - Member

Past Life Regression & Spiritual Hypnosis

Dr. Brian Weiss, Omega Institute, Dick Sutphen, David Quigley NGH, Henry Bolduc


Life Between Lives

Michael Newton through Ontario Hypnosis


Pain Management & Emergency Hypnosis

Ron Eslinger, NGH, Don Mottin, NGH


Stress, Anxiety Management, Weight Loss - Richard Nongard